An intelligent vision system

The DUO is a compact sensing system that supports a wide range of accessories and lens configurations. Paired with a powerful software platform the DUO delivers a modular vision system for engineers, scientists, researchers and system integrators.

Built for amazing applications

The primary target areas of application are robotics, microscopy, inspection, medical, automotive, defense and related critical sectors. With this in mind, the DUO was designed for use in high demand scenarios with an optional cable screw locks and lightweight but rugged enclosure.

Optimized for vision

The DUO offers a unique architecture for real-time acquisition and analysis of uncompressed sensor data. Our highly tuned hardware and imaging algorithms utilize the latest instruction set technologies from Intel/AMD (SSE, AVX) alongside parallel processing techniques.

Platform independent

We designed the DUO to be fully cross-platform compatible, officially supported on Linux, OSX and Windows 7/8. With the same feature set and performance across all the platforms. Making it simple for developers, integrators and manufacturers to create vision.

Simplified development

The DUO SDK provides both low and high level access to sensor data giving you full control over the device. With a robust C API we support popular languages & frameworks such as C++, C#, Java, QT, .NET, Python, CUDA, MATLAB, OpenCV and more.

Synchronization and control

Featuring a external hardware sync/trigger and GPIO for advanced multi-device control, capturing and digitization monochrome video signals. With a programmable illumination system, configurable exposure, gain and fully customizable frame rates and resolutions.

What can you do with a DUO?

The DUO can easily be integrated into your projects to leverage the latest discoveries in the field of computer vision. We have custom solutions for acquisition, configuration, depth reconstruction, recording/playback, and extremely precise tracking of humans and objects.

Trusted by millions worldwide

The DUO Platform is built on top of a stable and robust vision system already in use by over 8 million people around the globe, providing solutions for users ranging from novices to vision engineers. Here are some of the companies and organizations whom we have helped create vision.

  • 3M
  • Intel
  • SRI International
  • Leviathan
  • Parliament Design
  • Siemens
  • zSpace
  • SecondStory
  • Rabithole Creative
  • MIT
  • Georgia Tech.
  • Texas University
  • Rochester Institute
  • Princeton University
  • Fraunhofer
  • Washington University
  • Stanford University
  • Purdue University

News & Updates

Get news as we continue to integrate common vision platforms.

  • OpenCV
  • Labview
  • Matrox
  • Cognex
  • AforgeNET
  • 3DExpress
  • Vision Labs
  • Common Vision Blocks

Create your vision.