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Getting Started

DUO Installation

This document outlines how to install, test and troubleshoot your DUO device.

DUO Dashboard

Using the DUO Dashboard Application to control, calibration and configure your device.

DUO Calibration

Using the Calibration Utility to calibrate your device and confirm the results.

DUO Updating

Using the utilities to check and update your device's firmware and software.



Getting started with the DUO API for using DUO devices in your own applications.

DUO Integration

Integrating DUO into common computer vision and robotics frameworks and libraries.


Getting started with the DUO SDK for creating and distributing your applications.

DUO Samples

A review of the DUO SDK Samples including source code and projects.

C++ / C# / Dense3D / OpenCV / Qt5 / Unity

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