DUO Installation


This guide outlines installing DUO devices on any of the supported platforms such as Linux, Windows and ARM.
Before starting verify that your system meets all the system requirements.

Supported Platforms

Download the latest DUO Software to start using your device. The DUO requires a device driver which is included with the installer.



The DUO consists of these key parts:

  • DUO Applications
  • DUO Software - Downloads
    • API - Application Interface
    • SDK - Software Developers
    • Apps - DUO Applications
  • DUO Firmware - Updates
  • DUO Devices - M / MLX / DDK

System Requirements

Here are the requirements for using DUO:

  • Latest SDK software with valid license
  • Supported DUO Devices (M/MLX/DDK)
  • Modern Processor (7th generation i5/i7)
  • Linux/Windows based Computer
  • Recommended 4GB of System Memory
  • Modern Internet Browser
  • USB 2.0 Micro-B Cable


Some of the key details about the DUO:

  • DUO M/MLX - 30mm Baseline
  • Max 752x480 Stereo @ 60 FPS
  • 165° Wide Angle M8 Lenses
  • 2 x Global Shutter 1.3MP CMOS Sensors
  • Pixel Size: 6.0 x 6.0µm
  • RAW Bayer Sensor Data
  • USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbps

Taking Care of DUO

There is several guidelines you should follow for taking care of your DUO. Staring with some maintenance/customization topics.


•  Lens Exchange - The device will accept any M8 lenses. However, replacing the lenses is a delicate procedure and it should be performed in a clean-room environment as it may contaminate the sensors. Furthermore, the device must be focused and calibrated after lens replacement. We strongly discourage our clients from performing this procedure on their own as it will void the warranty.
•  Mounting - The device can be mounted using standard M2 screws.


•  Cleaning - We recommend cleaning the device with compressed air and an electronic equipment cleaning solution, mind the lenses.
•  Storage - The device is delicate, so please make sure to store it safely to ensure the lens assembly is not damaged or taken out of focus/alignment.


•  Static Electric - As with any electronic equipment, the device should be shielded from static electricity.
•  Heat Generation - Being a compact imaging device, the DUO will generate some heat during the normal operation. We recommend the following:
  •  Make sure to properly monitor the temperature of the device.
  •  More heat will be created when using the high powered LED board (DUO MLX).
  •  Limit LED usage or use external modules if using in a contained space.

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