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In this article we will review how to update your software and device firmware. To begin we will outline checking versions, getting the latest software and using the DUOFirmware Utility to check and update firmware.

Downloading Latest

Visit our downloads page to get the latest DUO Platform Installer or packages for your operating systems.

Checking Version

In the DUO Dashboard application under File Menu > Settings > Devices which lists all available devices with related name, serial, firmware version, build date, software version and identification information.

Updating Firmware

Step 1

Plugin your device and then find and run DUOFirmware application. Upon running the application will check your current firmware version and tell you if an update is available. If available then click the Update Button to continue.

Step 2

The firmware will be written to your device, during this step it is important you do not unplug the device. After a complete update cycle the application will notify you to unplug and plug-in the device again.

Step 3

In the final step the application will show device information and updated firmware version. You can now close the application and test your device with the DUO Dashboard application.


Always flash the device for the matching targeted platform version.

Sometimes it may be necessary to revert your firmware to a specific version of the software. With updates we may ship DUO Firmware updates within the package/installer which allows you to synchronize your firmware with the application software. This influences cross platform usage, for example if you are using latest version on Windows and older version on Linux there could be potential mismatch in feature set.


Make sure your device is recognized by your system before starting the application. You will receive an error message if the device is not available or is in use by another application. If you are having issues with installing your device make sure to review our requirements and troubleshooting guides.

Please plug-in your DUO device.



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