Type – Preview
Published – 05/12/14
Release –

The DUO API/SDK v0.5.6.100 release is intended to give users access to the Dashboard application and developers a preview of the new API/SDK structure. The software presented is subject to change with future releases as the new features will be added as we go. This release includes changes to the API to assure maximum portability across the OS platforms.

This release features full support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Release Notes

  • May 2014 Updates
  • New downloads available for each Platform
  • Cross Platform DUODashboard Application
  • Cross Platform Plain C API update
  • Cross Platform Samples using Cmake
  • DUO Documentation and Samples updates
  • App switcher dialog updated with icons
  • Various fixes to Dashboard and Apps

The following articles have been updated:

Also we added a new ticket support system for customers, simply email help@duo3d.com to create a ticket.