Type – Stable
Published – 12/14/14
Release –

ARM Updates (Device Support)

Addition of public ARM support with the following ARM devices:

  • CL VPC LV2
  • NVIDIA Tegra Jetson TK1
  • RADXA ROCK Developer Board

These images will be available upon request on from you account page.


DUO Dense3D Update (Beta)

Our first Middleware library called Dense3D which provides depth map and point cloud extraction methods from the DUO image frames.

Release Notes
* Updated DUO Dashboard App (v0.7.0.269)
* Simplified Dense3D App based on Dense3D Middleware (v0.5.0.269)
* Improved performance and reduced CPU usage
* Windows x86/x64 bit for VS2010/2012
* OS X Support
* Linux and ARM Support
* Added Licensing to Dashboard (Available on your account page)
* Updated Documentation adding Dense3D API Guide and Sample Code