DUO Dense3D

The DUO Dense3D Application and SDK allows for dense disparity and depth map extraction from DUO Image Frames. Exposing an easy to use interface for loading calibration and changing key parameters.

The Dense3D API provides:

Rectified stereo images
Dense disparity map (d)
Dense depth map (X,Y,Z)
Descriptive error codes
Export to point cloud file (*.ply) with textures and depth map.
Configurable Parameters:
SADWindowSize & UniquenessRatio post-filter
UniquenessRatio Post-Filter

We provide a C API and usage example for getting started with the Dense3D and using it in your own applications. Simply pass it the frames from the DUO device and it will return back your depth map.

To learn more, visit the DUO Dense3D page.