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Published – 02/10/16
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As part of our commitment to developing the DUO and providing additional functionality and more efficient methods for utilizing stereoscopic vision, we are proud to announce the release of the latest DUO Platform (v1.0.50.26).
This release brings additional functionality and more efficient methods for utilizing stereoscopic vision.

By popular request from our customers, the IMU data sampling rate has been increased to a fixed 100Hz, making the DUO better suited for applications such as 3D Mapping and Navigation. This increased sampling rate means that there can be multiple IMU data samples per single DUO image frame, so the API has been updated in order to facilitate this extended functionality.

DUO SDK v1.0.50.26 Release Notes


  • Updated DUO device firmware featuring the new 100Hz IMU data sampling mode
  • Updated DUO API adding an access to DUO stereo calibration parameters compatible that are with OpenCV
  • Updated Dense3D API adding image scaling options as well as two new high quality depth processing modes
  • Updated Dense3DApp adding image scaling option and two new depth processing modes
  • Updated PointCloudApp adding image scaling, two new depth processing modes and point cloud visualization options


  • Improved DUO Dashboard and DUO Calibration UI
  • Improved Dense3D data accuracy
  • Improved DUO device support on Windows 10 OS
  • Improved DUO point cloud file (PLY) compatibility with MeshLab and Blender


Note: To get access to these latest features, please flash your DUO with the included DUO Firmware Update tool to v1.0.50.26 prior to running the new software.

To download these latest updates, simply login to your account.

We thank you for supporting DUO and making this release possible and hope the new features will further facilitate and advance your research and projects.
As always, we appreciate your feedback on which features and utilities you would like to see next and of course we look forward to seeing how you will use them in the future.

Alexander Popovich
The DUO3D Team