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Published – 08/01/16
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With a growing community utilizing the DUO in more advanced and unique projects, we have been hard at work to add new features and functionality. As such, we are proud to announce the release of the latest DUO Platform (v1.0.80.20).

This release brings official support for ROS, a feature that was much requested by the community and will allow users to create robot applications and interface with the DUO. In addition to the ROS support, we made significant improvements to the DUO API that make it more compatible with Unity3D and other C# applications and also added an auto-exposure feature to the DUO API and DUO Dashboard for greater flexibility with exposure settings.

DUO Platform v1.0.80.20 Release Notes


  • Updated DUO device firmware and DUO API adding control over IMU sample rate [50Hz-500Hz]
  • Changed IMU gyroscope setting to return angular velocity in degrees/s
  • Updated DUO SDK compatibility with Unity3D
  • Updated DUO API functions improving naming consistency


  • Added DUO sensor Auto-Exposure functionality
  • Added DUO restore to factory calibration functionality in DUOCalibration
  • Added ROS Kinetic DUO driver that exposes all DUO’s features in ROS

Note: To get access to these latest features, please flash your DUO with the DUOFirmware Update tool to v1.0.80.20, which is included in the platform update package, prior to running the new software.

To download these latest updates, simply login to your account.

We thank you for supporting DUO and making this release possible and hope the new features will further facilitate and advance your research and projects.
As always, we appreciate your feedback on which features and utilities you would like to see next and of course we look forward to seeing how you will use them in the future.

Alexander Popovich
The DUO3D Team