The DUO SDK provides APIs, examples and tooling for working with multi-view vision systems. Built on elegant image processing algorithms which leverage the latest technologies from Intel/AMD (SSE, AVX), ARM (NEON, DSP) and parallel computation techniques. We have developed a highly optimized architecture for image acquisition and processing.

Every DUO Device comes bundled with the powerful API/SDK which allows our customers to rapidly incorporate our technology into their projects, regardless of the methods or systems they may use. Featuring a standard C API allowing for maximum compatibility with other programming languages and frameworks.

The DUO Dashboard application provides quick and easy access to Calibration, Configuration, Recording and Playback using a supported DUO device giving users a head start when developing their vision based solutions.

With support for a wide range of platforms: Linux, OSX, Windows and processor architectures: ARM, AMD, Intel and Nvidia’s Tegra K1. See what you can build with the DUO SDK on our solutions page.



C/C++/OpenCV/Qt5 Examples
Low Level APIs for Sensor Access
High Level APIs for Processing
OEM/Integration Licensing


DUO Dashboard
Sensor Display


DUO Device API
DUO Device SDK

To learn more, visit the DUO SDK page.