Flexible compatibility for expanding and existing vision systems.

We are proud to announce the DUO, a high performance sensor delivers precision and high-speed capture — all in a surprisingly compact and affordable package. With the DUO we aim to make a high quality stereo imaging device that can be used for research on the cutting edge of computer vision.

You can learn more about the two products released today on their product pages:


Here is a quick summary of the main features:

  • High FPS Capture
  • 170° Field of View
  • 1.3 MP Stereo Resolution
  • USB 2.0 Interface (480 Mbps)
  • Optional MPU/Illumination Array
  • Lightweight and small (52x25x11mm)

We built the DUO with the following core philosophies in mind; to be extremely configurable for use in any environment, to be fully extendable allowing for custom illumination modes, lenses, mounts and algorithms while giving users full control and access over the hardware. After many engineering sessions, prototypes and testing with our partners, we are extremely excited to release the DUO into the world and see what you will create with it.