Precision vision

We built the DUO MC with one purpose in mind: To deliver a compact and robust 3D camera with scientific grade accuracy. We did this so you can create and discover new applications for computer vision.

It's tiny

Measuring only 2.2x1.2x0.6 inches and built from lightweight aluminium weighing less than 30 grams, the DUO MC's small profile allows it to be easily mounted on any robot, vehicle or drone.

Plug and play

DUO MC uses a standard USB connector to maximize compatibility, so you can plug it into any computer and get going. Simply plugin and install the latest software and you're all set. It is paired with a full software suite and SDK that will jumpstart any project.

Works everywhere

DUO MC is compatible across all platforms, this means full support on Linux, OS X, Windows and beyond. It also works great with many common embedded boards such as the ODROID, TK1 and more. This means you can write and deploy your applications with ease.

Detailed depth

Capturing the world in full 3D has never been easier. DUO MC was purposely built for high accuracy (0.005 of an inch) within a range of 0.25-6.25 feet. This is perfect for real-time obstacle avoidance, object tracking, guidance, robotics, medical use and beyond.

Design first

We designed a complete package that will accelerate any project that requires 3D vision. With this we provide our customers with a state of the art solution that is as easy to use as any standard webcam. All this while offering developers full low level device access and control.