• DUO 3D Tracking of the Oculus DK1

    We present an accurate optical 3D positional tracking of Oculus DK1 device via DUO mini lx camera. The DUO tracks multiple IR retro-reflective markers that are placed on the Oculus DK-1.

  • DUO on ARM - Cross Platform Vision

    In this video we showcase the DUO platform running across several ARM powered devices. This includes a NVIDIA Jetson TK-1 Devkit, a Radxa Rock Dev Board and we preview the upcoming DUO Vision PC device.

  • AudioSight - Realtime Audio Generation

    In this video we outline the application of the DUO being used on a mobile device. We use the two imaging sensors and resulting depth map to dynamically generate audio feedback for a user.

  • Config3D - Calibration and Configuration

    All DUO Devices are bundled with the DUO Dashboard and DUO SDK which provides quick calibration, configuration and integration of sensors into your projects.

  • Dense3D - Dense Disparity Mapping

    Here we show depth measurement and mapping at 100 FPS via stereo correlation using passive sensing. Providing a disparity map for use in point clouds and reconstruction.

  • Media3D - High Speed Acquisition/Playback

    Allows for high speed capturing of frames from multiple perspectives. The video showcases a water droplet hitting water at 900 FPS from two perspectives.

  • Sparse3D - Precise Point Tracking

    State of the art methods for high speed tracking based on features and shape analysis. Here we demonstrate tracking of human hands/fingers at 240 FPS with high accuracy and low latency.

  • Custom Solution Development

    With expertise in signal processing and precision engineering, we help companies develop break-through vision solutions. Showcasing the DUO mini lx integrated with the Oculus Rift for pass-through video processing.

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