Imaging Solutions

CL designs state of the art digital cameras for leading companies in the Automotive, Robotics, Medical and Life Science markets.

Specializing in custom camera development and manufacturing, our imaging engineers perform as an extension of your research and development team, relentlessly dedicated to the success of your next imaging project.

Custom & OEM Cameras

Tailor our flexible products to meet your specific needs, or fully customize your own product to fit your design requirements. Accelerate time to market, reduce development costs, ease your workload and benefit from our industry leading pre-and post-sales support and our professional business practices. Contact us to determine how we can assist with your next imaging project.

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Deliver Your Products Faster

As a partner you will have the following benefits:

  • Improve time to market/delivery
  • Reduce development costs/risks
  • Simplify integration with our common APIs
  • Depend on our specialized engineering team
  • Timely deliveries and our stocking services
  • Get access to state of the art research

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Start Your Project Today!

Eliminate design risks and improve time to market with a solution that is built to fit your needs. Modify our high-performance industrial grade board-level and enclosed cameras with either small hardware and software adjustments, such as private labelled enclosures and firmware, or design a fully customized electronic sub-assembly with unique printed circuit boards, mechanicals and enclosures.

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Hardware Engineering

Elegant hardware design and engineering services to help accelerate your product project.


Integration & Optimization

Create highly tuned system for computer vision which require low power and low latency.


Product Design

Let us help you create your product by levering our skilled team and expert knowledge base.


Algorithm Development

Utilize our expertise in discovering and developing state of the art solutions and applying them.


Software Development

Build and deliver extremely stable custom software built on top of a solid foundation.


Technology Licensing

Custom designed applications and licensable intellectual property cores and modules.



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